Supporting local business matters!

Does supporting local business matter? I’m surprised that anyone would ask that question, but many do. If they don’t actually ask the question, they think that a decision to buy goods and services elsewhere doesn’t really make a difference. But it does.

When you support a local business, rather than going to a “bigger” store, or buying online, you:

Give your community some character. Local business owners know—or quickly learn—what kinds of stores the community needs. The unique shops not only give local residents the goods and services they require, the shops might make your community a “destination” because what you have others might be looking for.

Keep your community thriving. It is so wonderful to walk down a main street and see a variety of stores and services. It is not so good to walk down a main street and see empty stores.

Keep your money in your community—and keep it circulating. Local businesses are always asked to support sports teams, clubs, and charitable organizations, and they can’t do that if their businesses are not doing well, and feeling supported by the community.

Create local jobs. When business is booming, storeowners have to hire people to help them.

Create some competition within the community—and within the business sector. Competition always drives things forward. Whether it’s in business, sports, or another sector, when there is competition, everyone ups their game—and we all win.

Build a relationship with local businesses—that pays off. When you know the storeowners and sales people, and they know you, you are much more likely to receive the service you need, and get any problems dealt with quickly. If you do find something online or in the “box” store at a cheaper price, ask if the local store can match it, or give you a similar deal? Chances are, they’ll try their best to accommodate you because you have that relationship—which you don’t have in the bigger stores, and certainly not with an online company.

So, now you know the answer to the question, “Does supporting local business matter?”



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3 Responses to Supporting local business matters!

  1. Christine: Kudos for this blog. I find more and more that I do not leave Napanee to shop; especially at Christmas time. It is great to walk into a store and be addressed by name and for the staff and owners to know what you are all about. I will look forward to future posts.



    • Thanks, Lillie. We were watching a tv program last night where one owner of a small town shop said that people will not walk around the corner to shop, but they’ll drive for miles. We have everything we need here, and if it isn’t here, then maybe we don’t really need it.


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