Home Business Matters Too

It’s funny how a chance meeting with former business colleagues can remind you how important that relationship was, and how it’s time to renew it. This is especially important for those running small businesses, and is perhaps even more important for those of us who are in the home business sector.  Supporting home-based businesses is an important part of supporting local businesses.

Those colleagues I met while shopping last week are part of the Kingston & Area Home Business Association (KAHBA) and I look forward to renewing my connections with them and others who were in the group when I was a part of this wonderfully supportive group. I also look forward to meeting the entrepreneurs who have become a part of KAHBA since I left.

Why I left is not as important as my realizing that I need to return. Everyone in business needs the support of those who may be facing the same challenges that come with the territory. We can also share our successes and learn how others are successful. We can all learn from each other—and the networking may also help to increase our client list.

Networking is an important part of all KAHBA meetings, but they also give members a chance to shine by doing a presentation about their business. The group also brings in speakers who share their knowledge and expertise that can help everyone.

I’m very lucky here to be a part of the Napanee & District Chamber of Commerce, but there are few, if any, home-based business entrepreneurs. Or at least few  I’ve met. Working from your home has its amazing advantages: you can often set your own hours; you can set your office or work space to your liking; and you [sometimes] have more control of your workload. Working at home also has its disadvantages: more discipline is sometimes needed to keep your work and home lives separate;  it’s [sometimes] difficult to convince people you are working; and you’re working alone, so it is very isolating.

Getting out of this isolation is really important, and so is the support you get from members in any professional association. I belong to other groups and I am really looking forward to renewing my membership in KAHBA. I invite other home-based entrepreneurs to check out this group.

So, John and Mary Platt from Kingston Home Maintenance–I’m so glad to have seen you at the Costco store, and I look forward to seeing you again soon.

The Kingston & Area Home Business Association’s next meeting is Saturday, June 14. Details are on the KAHBA website.

Note: Unfortunately, I had to be in Toronto on June 14, but I am hoping to get to the next meeting, Saturday, July 12. I hope to see many of my old KAHBA buddies there and look forward to meeting new friends.


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