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Summer’s bounty still enjoyed

My family and I will be enjoying the bounty from the summer and all of these wonderful products for a long time. I cannot thank these merchants enough. What I can and will do is continue to support them, and I encourage everyone to support their local merchants–at the markets and in the stores. Continue reading

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The best of summer at local Farmers’ Markets

Summer may be over but the best of summer is now at our local farmers’ markets. You’ve no doubt seen those signs and bumper stickers that say, “If you ate today, thank a farmer.” So now you can really thank … Continue reading

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Get to the Heart–Go Downtown

At the heart of any small town is its downtown business community. In some places, it can be a pretty sad place to be, as much of the business might have been drawn away to the larger mall or Big … Continue reading

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Shop locally–especially during the holidays

On Saturday, November 28, there was a special “promotion” encouraging everyone to “shop local.” Bad grammar aside—it should be “shop locally”—that’s a good concept not just for the holiday shopping season now in full swing, but for all times. I’ve … Continue reading

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Great things happen at the 55 Plus Activity Centre

If you read my other blog, With Humour and Hope: The Only Way to Live, then you know that I grew up in Toronto. (I’ve just done a post on “Being a Tourist in My Old Hometown”) I lived there … Continue reading

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Every Week Should Be Local Food Week

Although it was officially “Local Food Week” in mid-June, every week should be Local Food Week! It’s easy here in Napanee and Lennox & Addington County to find locally produced foods at some really interesting places. Over the next little … Continue reading

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Home Business Matters Too

It’s funny how a chance meeting with former business colleagues can remind you how important that relationship was, and how it’s time to renew it. This is especially important for those running small businesses, and is perhaps even more important … Continue reading

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Downtown Napanee was awash with pink and yellow on Saturday, April 26 as many local merchants were doing their part to Help Fight Cancer and support the Chemotherapy Suite at the Lennox & Addington [L&A] County General Hospital. I’d seen … Continue reading

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Supporting local business matters!

Does supporting local business matter? I’m surprised that anyone would ask that question, but many do. If they don’t actually ask the question, they think that a decision to buy goods and services elsewhere doesn’t really make a difference. But … Continue reading

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Welcome–and welcome back!

Downtown Napanee is becoming an even more vibrant place than it has been. New businesses are opening, and businesses are coming back! That is true throughout many places locally. This blog, Local Business Matters, will help you learn more about … Continue reading

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